24 February

Ear piercing – how long has it been around?

In a world where piercing fanatics are discovering piercing locations that nobody thought ever existed, it can sometimes be good to pay homage to body-piercing’s […]

24 February

Nipple piercings overview

Charting the rise in popularity of body piercing over the course of history is a challenge for many reasons. Archaeological sites may have provided more […]

24 February

Doug Malloy – believe it or not…

Who would have thought that the one of the co-creators of something so torturously dull could be involved in the most exciting and controversial fashion […]

24 February

10 Tips for Finding High-Quality Body Jewelry

In a world that has become increasing globalised, the availability of low-price wholesale body jewelry on the market has exploded.  Cheap wholesale jewelry from countries […]

24 February

What is a septum piercing?

The septum – medical professionals would say it’s the cartilage wall in between the nostrils. In the piercing world it can refer to everything that […]